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The Team

Matr Vedah's team comprises of a beautiful mother, drawn by her crazy bunch of three kids (actually adults but still Mommy's kids).

Belonging to vivid fields, we bring along our set of expertise to form one sole startup with the aim of serving the nature by introducing sustainable living methods to every human we could reach to.



Founder of Matr Vedah:

Meet the soul of our brand, most confident and a super intelligent lady. With the will to outgrow and walk along with the pace of the need of mankind, she has always incorporated a healthy living lifestyle. With the same beliefs she wishes to make a small difference with Matr Vedah: as a medium to contribute to the world as well.


Being a super strong personality and full of positivity, our founders traits are our brand Matr Vedah's archetype.



Managing Director

Nikita is a double Post-graduate degree holder. With expertise of a Fashion Merchandiser and a Master of Business Administration she aces in her part of being the Managing Director. Extremely multi talented person, who loves to cook (also the most health conscious person) and is filled with creativity.


She had always wished of serving the holy cow, and has the knowledge with complete depth of the same. Awed by the infinite benefits of the elements in relation to the holy cow and other beings, she is determined to reach out to every person and get the Vedic's back as basics.

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Creative Director

Graphics Designer by profession, she is the most talkative person with an active right brain. She is the clown of the house and is happy with roasting and then being roasted too. Unlike the family she has no connection with super-fast calculations, but aces her field of designing.


Radhika is also a dancer and if cleaning is a hobby then that goes for her too!



Director of Finance

Yash is pursuing CA. He is hard working and a dedicated student. He has a habit of giving more than hundred percent in what he does (Also like majority males, he can do only one job at a time, multitasking is not really his thing!)


Actually an ambivert, but If you ever wish to have a conversation with him, just begin with the two words Manchester United! With the most practical thinking, he is the unique mind in-between all girls! He is a pakka Marwadi and no doubt, finance is in his blood!

If you are genuinely reading this page, you also know, if you need a fashion designer, graphics designer or a CA student (which everyone eventually does) you know where to contact! Just kidding (but you can take it seriously!)

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