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Store Policy

Customer Care

Our products are made of 100% organic. The color of our products may vary in accordance to time duration, heat and sunlight around, when in prolonged contact with air. Though it has nothing to do with the quality of the product. We assure the customers that all the products listed will add to the benefit of mankind and best in quality with numerous benefits. Even the residue and ash acts as humus for plants.


Little cracks are bound to happen due to the material it is made up of and even if we take complete care of it. The FMCG products are completely analysed and are packed only after checking on the most premium quality. Thereby, after giving the best of product on our part, we do not accept exchange.

Privacy & Safety

Customer details remain confidential. We use trusted banking methods to verify payment.


We serve the best of what we can and gain your trust only by giving quality products and promising truthful benefits. All our products are safe to use and FMCG products are completely healthy and safe to consume and can be used on skin as well. Flammable products are to be kept away from children and to be used keeping safe distance and under supervision if required.  Customers with allergies to practice caution before using the products.

Wholesale and dealership Enquiries

We welcome dealers from all locations and wish to incorporate sustainable lifestyle products and help help mankind with positivity. We have special discounts and different policies for wholesalers and dealers. Contact us to discuss the same.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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